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About VirtuEd

Born out of research done at

Johns Hopkins University, VirtuEd employs a team of educators, nurse practitioners, simulation experts, and student consultants. We constantly aim for perfection while keeping learners at the center of the experience. Contact us today to see how we can help you and your learners.

Virtual Reality Goggles


My experience with VirtuEd VR was awesome! I got to connect nursing knowledge and skills together to experience a real-life scenerio: like I was really there!

VirtuEd gave me a view into a mental health unit, without having to walk through the front doors. I became more comfortable with my experiences just because of IVR and how interactive it is! I would highly recommend this experience to anyone, especially nursing students!

IVR simulation is a huge success with our nursing students. IVR places the student in the center of a real-life situation they would otherwise not be able to experience. Our students are motivated to seek additional opportunities to practice using IVR. They develop critical thinking and clinical judgment skills in a safe environment that builds both confidence and competence. 


Ayllse, Nursing Student

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Erin, Nursing Student

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Dr. Quinn, Dean - School of Nursing

Virtual Reality

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